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Dear Researcher / Customer,


Thank you for your interest in Analytical Research Systems (ARS), Inc.  We are a company catering to today's rapidly evolving world of science and technology from Aerospace to Zoology. ARS prides itself on the individual attention given to each customer. Our entire staff is comprised of scientists, engineers, and technicians with real "hands-on" lab experience and can truly understand that your specific research objectives are often not attainable with the use of "standard" laboratory equipment or with your own in-house resources. Let us help you by providing the exact tool or service you need NOW to get the job done.


You are doing new, cutting-edge research. Don't limit your ideas because of what has only been available from standard catalog product lines - get exactly what you want - now!   Consider ARS as a technical support division for your lab. We can support your research with basic fabrication services from prototyping a simple apparatus to producing a full-scale pilot plant system. ARS can custom fabricate any piece of equipment made out of any material for just about any task. We can also provide you with expert consultation in many engineering and scientific fields or assist you in selecting from a wide range of off-the-shelf high tech products that we stock for immediate shipment.


We take research seriously here at ARS, and one very important point that I would like to assure you as a future client, is that when you work with us, your ideas, concepts and inventions are completely secure!  We work with many clients from NASA, DOD, DOE, USDA, EPA, NIH, many Universities and private industries, whom all are conducting high-level / proprietary research.  In all cases when we deal with sensitive topics, we insist on having a confidentiality / non-disclosure agreement in-place. All of our engineering work is done in-house.   We maintain the highest level of client confidentiality by assigning the task to only the necessary in-house staff,  whom will work with you through every step of the process, and are all professionals such as yourself and can fully understand the concepts you are trying to achieve.


For more information on ARS and any of our custom products or services, browse through our web-site or email us with your questions at INFO@ARS-FLA.COM  .  Again, thank you for your interest in ARS and please call us if we can help you in any way.


With Highest Regards,



Ara Manukian

CEO / President of ARS, inc.






ARS, inc. is a USA, Sate-of-Florida registered corporation and a SBA small business entity (non-minority / non-woman owned), Federal Employer ID#. 


ARS, inc. is a qualified U.S. Military & Civilian Department of Defense (DOD) contractor, and is TPIN registered with the Defense Logistics Agency and is  VETS-100 Compliant. 


ARS, inc. is a NFA licensed (Type 06 & 07) ) US BATF manufacturing facility.


ARS, Inc. is a qualified Federal Government, State Government (FL) & Local Government (Alachua County Lic.#) Contractor / Supplier.


ARS, Inc.'s facilities are registered with the Environmental Protection Agency for the use, storage and disposal of all Hazardous Materials and training of all employees for their chemical use "Right-to-Know".


ARS, Inc. follows GMP/GLP to comply with U.S. DOD/Military MIL-SPEC, NASA-SPEC, ASTM and FDA requirements.


ARS�s facilities are operated in strict accordance with all U.S. Federal (CFR) policies regarding, contracting, purchasing, employment, information and export security. 


ARS, inc. is an equal opportunity employer and prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, sex, age, handicap, religion, or national origin.  ARS conducts drug testing on all employees to insure a drug free work place exists.





ARS Inc. is a qualified Federal, State & Local Government contractor. ARS additionally conducts federally funded scientific research and has Cooperative Research and Development Agreements (CRADA) with federal agencies.

This facility is operated in strict accordance with Federal (CFR) Policies regarding the use of drugs by its employees while working on federally funded research and projects and all such personnel are subject to drug testing to insure a DRUG FREE WORK PLACE exists.

As required under Federal policies, ARS, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer and prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, sex, age, handicap, religion, or national origin.

ARS, Inc. is VETS-100 compliant and gives preference to U.S. Armed Services Veterans in hiring.

Depending on employment position and project assignment, all job applicants may be subjected to:

U.S. Citizenship Requirements
Criminal & D/L History Investigation
Employee Drug Testing
Polygraph (Lie Detector)
Security Clearance Investigation
Financial Credit History Check



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